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We are a school with a difference - our classrooms are online, in the cloud. Our talented group of teachers and professionals deliver high quality teaching to Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 pupils. Each and every one of us here believes education matters and should be available to all.

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Why Academy21?

Online Teaching

Online Teaching

Our school is online and teaching is web-based. This means our teachers interact with Key Stage 3, 4, and 5 students for whom mainstream schooling has proven unsuitable. By logging on to the Academy21 Learning Management System (LMS), they can learn wherever they are - only a broadband connection is required.

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Inspirational Education

Inspirational Education

Some pupils find it difficult to adapt to mainstream education. We provide these children with an alternative environment in which to learn and one in which they feel safe. Our teachers are dedicated to inspiring and encouraging every child entrusted to our care and are passionate about engaging with them to help achieve their potential.

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Teachers and Staff

Teachers and Staff

We have a talented group of teachers at the core of our offering, all of whom have extensive experience in teaching within the mainstream educational sector and unrivalled expertise delivering online learning to secondary school pupils in the UK. We also have a team of specialist developers, technical and customer service staff to support them.

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The Educated Choice

How does Academy21 work?

A Platform for Learning

Our unique, web-based Learning Management System (LMS) is the platform that allows teachers and pupils to interact wherever they are – all that’s required is a broadband connection.

Each student is given secure access to a personal page where they can see their daily timetable and take control of their learning. Bold, clear icons give pupils instant access to their classroom and help them get to every area of the school.

Once logged in, students are immediately made aware of the time and date, where they are in the academic year and any lessons they may have missed. An activity alert box on our LMS also provides pupils with a summary of any current work – and its traffic light system is very effective at ensuring deadlines are met. For any important school announcements, they can view the noticeboard. Academy21 is a complete school, online.

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A Platform for Learning

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Who uses Academy21?

Our Users

Our service is primarily aimed at schools and local authorities (LAs) looking to provide alternative, high quality – and cost effective – educational services for children who, for various reasons, find attending mainstream school difficult.

During 2014, we will be extending our services to offer student access to the fully recorded Academy21 Lesson Library to support their live lessons.

The Lesson Library will have over 2,000 fully recorded lessons with extension activities in the core subjects of mathematics, English and science, creating a flexible resource that can be used for GCSE revision, cover supervision, within inclusion units and for designing personalised programmes of study.

We will also be launching the facility for schools to purchase the Academy21 Lesson Library and extension activities. Prior to launch, we are working with Development Partners to refine the Lesson Library – do get in touch if you would like to be involved in the trials.

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Our Users

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Our process for learning success

It’s not only learning that’s easy with Academy21, we’ve made the process of signing up as simple as possible, too. You can become a client in just five simple steps:

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