Academy in the Cloud

In the future, schools will face even bigger challenges than they do now. With a rising population, there will be a 15% increase in the number of secondary school places required to educate children in the UK over the next 12 years. Schools will also need to increase their capacity due to the raising of the participation age.

Across the UK, over 31 million school days are lost to bullying. Add pupil exclusion due to behavioural issues, 1:1 tuition for pupils with medical conditions, the education of vulnerable pupils and pregnant teenagers to this, and it’s clear an effective alternative for educating these children is needed. And that costs.

What can be done?

Schools can cope by developing cloud-based classrooms. This means using platforms such as the Academy21 Learning Management System and delivering online lessons to create more classroom capacity, reduce class sizes and reach those vulnerable students who cannot attend mainstream schools.

Virtual and online learning is not only important – it is a necessary way forward. Pupils, parents and professionals are recognising that learning can be done as effectively online as it can in a classroom – many students enjoy a very positive online learning experience as demonstrated by their outstanding GCSE results.

Vulnerable pupils who do not have a place in school – bullied children, pupils on the autistic spectrum, pregnant teenagers, children in care or those suffering debilitating illnesses – deserve a high quality, accessible alternative. Academy21’s online school offers a solution.

We’re happy to demonstrate:

  • how our platform works
  • how we can deliver an alternative provision for your school
  • how to purchase from our lesson library, or
  • how you can run the platform in your school, using your own teachers to deliver the lessons.
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