Our Approach

As a company, we believe that delivering high quality educational services takes investment in developing trusting, long-term relationships. To achieve this ambition, we place integrity, transparency and honesty at the heart of all our business affairs.

Our Principles

To guide the way we do business here are our principles, which form the foundation of Academy21:

  1. We believe that education really does matter.
  2. We invest in motivated and dedicated teachers.
  3. We understand that inspirational teachers transform the lives of disadvantaged young people.
  4. We believe in going the extra mile, because our students benefit - and in the long-term, we all do.
  5. We believe that to deliver high quality educational services, you must invest in the development of trusting, long-term relationships.
  6. We are transparent and honest in our dealings with local authorities, schools and government.
  7. We value, support and raise awareness of organisations that seek to improve the lives and opportunities of people.
  8. We respect our competitors and will apply our core principles in our dealings with them.