Our Clients

We work with many local authorities, schools, academies, colleges and alternative providers throughout the UK, delivering high quality courses to Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 pupils with a wide range of abilities. We believe in integrity, honesty and transparency and we are proud of the trusted partnerships we’ve forged since our launch. Below is a sample of feedback and testimonials from our clients.

What our Customers have to say

My journey back to John Hampden Grammar School, Harrison Honey

Harrison Honey was diagnosed with ME at 11 years of age. This is the story of his journey back to mainstream school and how Academy21 helped him on his journey. You can read Harri's full case study here.

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The Academy in the Cloud, Katy Hyde

Katy Hyde is a bright, highly motivated student who suffers from debilitating headaches that prevent her from going to school. This story shows how Academy21 has helped Katy keep on track to gain the A grades she requires to fulfil her aspirations.

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A school without noise, Finn O'Sullivan

Finn O'Sullivan has Asperger's Syndrome and is a dedicated student who could not cope with all the noise and hustle and bustle of school life. His story explains how Academy21 has provided an environment in which he can learn.

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Barbara Temple, Assistant Head - West Sussex Alternative Provision College

“Thank you so much for helping in the changes for this boy's life…brilliant job satisfaction today!”

Aaron, Student

“Been on it this morning, it's great! Thank you for sorting it out, it's fantastic software!”

Danielle, Student

“I would like to say a big thank you to all the teachers at Academy21 it's been an incredible and certainly a very memorable two years for me being part of such an amazing school filled with the most loveliest people! Thank you so much for this truly sensational time..I'll never forget any of you!”

Sally Dahl, Alternative Provision Co-ordinator, LB Islington

“Jamie’s key worker says that he’s never seen such a turnaround in a young person he’s working with!”

Pat Brown, Co-ordinator, Alternative Provision, Mount Grace School

“I think Academy21 is a great success and has been a huge factor in keeping a good number of our most challenging students in school and indeed proceeding to further education. Thank you!”

Julia Holder, Head of Centre, Virtual School, Haybrook College, Slough

“Thank you for all your help and support. You have a very understanding staff and I know that if I have a question it will be answered immediately and with good humour!”

Linda Hyde, Parent

"I just wanted to thank all Academy21 staff for the excellent lessons you have given my daughter since March this year. It has made an amazing difference to Katy by helping her study again and be able to realise her potential.”

Nickelle, Learning Mentor, London Borough

"Academy21 delivers an absolutely brilliant service overall. The quality of teaching is of the highest standard and my students have all received the individual support they have required.”

Zaheer, Student

“Thank you so much miss for everything, also many thanks to all the staff at Academy21, you all are great. Thank you ZM.”

Jade, Student

“The teachers at Academy21 are honestly amazing. I've never had such kind and considerate teachers..:).”

Tim van Kroonenburg, Head of Intervention & Personalised Learning Torbay EOTAS - School Support & Challenge

“Academy21 is excellent in the way it gives weekly feedback on the pupils. I get the credit, but the real stars are the tutors and Academy21!”

Karen Sambrook, Parent

“Rose is getting so much from these lessons and enjoying it too. Donna, her teacher, is so up beat, fun and engaging. Rose looks forward to her lessons, and for me this is so important.”

Bradley, Student

“Schools are becoming bigger and harder to cope with, especially for people with anxiety and learning difficulties. Many of us have been bullied because we are different and can’t fit in. Millions of children end up at home without an education because mainstream schools just can’t support people like us. We are just left behind. All we can do is hope that one day someone will accept us for who we really are. When you find one of these schools it can be an inspiration to us that somebody out there does care. The staff at Academy21 care, they are amazing teachers.”

Sally Dahl, Alternative Provision Co-ordinator, LB Islington

“Paul has just won Employee of the Month at M&S……His mum asked that I pass this on to you as A21 played a huge role in re-building his confidence and self-esteem.”